Pedicure & Manicure

Vanilla Bean Pedicure  Pedicure $40 / Manicure $30

Vanilla salt foot soak. Deep exfoliating sugar scrub followed by a hydrating mask with aloe vera. A 5-minute massage with vanilla cream lotion. Includes callus treatment for dried heels and rich paraffin

Lavender Relieve  Pedicure $45 / Manicure $35

Bath your feet in an aroma of lavender essential oils to heal all the muscle tightness followed by a lavender scrub to exfoliate dead skin. A hydrating mask is then wrapped with warm towels around your legs. Includes callus treatment for dried heels. A 7-minute hot stone (optional) massage.

Fresh Cucumber Splash  Pedicure $50 / Manicure $40

Indulge in a fresh cucumber soak followed by an exfoliating cucumber melon sugar scrub. A firming cucumber mask comes along with rich paraffin wax is applied. Includes callus treatment for dried heels. Enjoy and relax with a 10-minute hot stone (optional) massage.

Orange Blossom  Pedicure $50 / Manicure $40

Fresh orange foot soak. Exfoliating orange sugar scrub. Rich paraffin for dried heels followed by callus treatment. Hydrating orange mask wrapped in hot towels. Moisturizing treatment with 10-minute hot stone (optional) massage.

Lemon la Mer  Pedicure $55 / Manicure $45

This is for you citrus lovers! Soothe your feet and fight bacteria with our fresh lemon and lime soak. Enjoy our lemon sugar scrub and let the Vitamin C help brighten your skin. Callus treatment, lemon mask, rich paraffin, and a 10-minute hot stone (optional) massage.

Champagne & Rodewater  Pedicure $60 / Manicure $50

Let's pop bottles! Enjoy our fresh soak in rose petals and orchid scented exfoliating sugar scrub. Wash off with your own personal Golden Champagne bottle followed by honey milk collagen mask. Callus treatment. Top off this fancy pedicure with rich paraffin, and a 10-minute hot stone (optional) honey pearl cream massage. 

Cafe Fatte  Pedicure $60 / Manicure $50

Soften and nourish your skin with a warm milk bath and one shot of an exfoliating coffee sugar scrub. Enjoy 2 pumps of moisturizing coffee mask followed by a 7-minute hot stone (optional) coffee lotion. Include callus treatment for dried heels as well as rich paraffin treatment. 

RELAF CBD  Pedicure $75 / Manicure $65

Relax and get reLEAF starting with an aroma therapeutic eucalyptus crystal soak to help relieve muscle soreness and reduce inflammation. Includes callus treatment, eucalyptus sugar scrub, and firming eucalyptus mask. A 15-minute CBD oil hot stone massage.

Kopart Coconut Cream  Pedicure $90 / Manicure $70

This luxury coconut pedicure will take you to paradise. With a warm milk foot bath to soften feet followed by an exfoliating crush scrub with brown sugar and Tahitian fine coconut shells. Includes callus treatment. Legs are wrapped with a moisturizing coconut melt mask. A 20-minute hot stone ultra body butter massage.

The Classic  Pedicure $35 / Manicure $20

Start off with sanitizing sea salt foot soak. Callus treatment. Sugar scrub. Warm towels. Enjoy a light massage.

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